PS3 FIX The file system on the system storage is corrupted REVIEW

PS3 FIX The file system on the system storage is corrupted REVIEW

PS3 EASY Fix Just do PS3 System Restore try to backup game saves before doing this cause ps3 will be restore to brand new, STOPS RESTORING HOW TO FIX PS3 The…

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tomas Rivero says:

thanks? that really work for me

John Lohan says:

u legend i thought? i got it fixed at pc world for £50 but after that it happend again so u saved me from getting a new ps3

gurock maimitak says:

Thank you man your the? best i love you

Clyde Wormely says:

Thanks so? much

joseph Rubio says:

Thanks thanks thanks broo you save me money because i was goin? to buy a new ps3 and please add me my psn id is dr-killer2525

Mike Linux says:

Good? Tutorial, Thanks!

Brandon Turner says:

Thank you man your? the best

Ghulam Mian says:

Thank you? so much

dadogdw says:

I have a difrent situation I have a coruppted file but I can’t delete it so copy your file you? want from game data file into a new user sing problem solved

TG Star says:

It worked i lost 9 of my accounts whats ur? psn

TG Star says:

Thanks 4 the video it happend to me today ill go see if it works if it works ill subcribe and like? this in my five accounts

nick gidney says:

Thanks so much I? didn’t lose any of my stuff I am so pleased

roynell warren says:

I tryed this one? time does it work 2times

5277jason says:

I dont? want to lose my shit

AreoMmmm says:

i forgot? my email password, FOR FUCK SAKE

salassam23 says:

Then it loads up and goes again? with the same problem

salassam23 says:

Mine gets stuck at 7 and then 59? -.-

king10wwe says:

this? works. right?

catfisher100 says:

With mine, IT Loads all the way, restarts just like it says. THen it Goes into the same proble. “corrupted data” you know how to fix? this?

louie caparas says:

do you know how to still save ur harddrive before u restore the whole thing??? i have the big fat one and its exactly like this problem but i haven’t backed it up yet and i don’t want to lose all of my memory in it do u know how to save it before i restore it??? need answer? ASAP!! tnx for your time

Penguins roll says:

why you? say a bad word

catfisher100 says:

But its my Friends? Playstation! SWhat do i do!

Baileyps3 says:

f>>> playstion

Yuk Loin says:

Thanks it’s totally works your da best?

Phuoc Tran says:

You are very good man and? intelligent.

Logan Taylor says:

Your the? best <33333

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